Friday, January 4, 2008


1. Evaluation enhances the quality of the teacher.

  • Through education teachers are able to find out how far they have been successful in achieving the objectives of education.
  • Teachers are able to assess the degree to which they have succeeded in their teaching.
  • Evaluation helps the teachers to adopt appropriate instructional strategies.

2. Evaluation helps in clarifying the objectives.

  • Teacher gets a deeper insight into the various aspects of the topic to be thought.

3. Evaluation motivates learners.

  • Since the teacher continuously evaluation the learner's learning, the student tries to learn the topic well.

4. Guidance can be given on the basis of evaluation.

  • Evaluation makes the individual difference clear.
  • Through evaluation, specific difficulties of the learner can be identified, so evaluation helps to give guidance.

5. Evaluation can help in bringing changes in the curriculum.

  • The educational investigation is presenting principles and strategies.
  • Educational evaluation provides the direction for bringing about such changes.

In respect of the pupil

  • In selection, classification, certification of pupils by diagnosing their strength and weakness.
  • To determine the current status of the pupil.
  • Determining the rate at which the individual student is progressing (Using periodic evaluation).
  • To find out the aptitude of a pupil.

In respect of the teacher

  • To know how for teaching is successful and methodology is effective.
  • To find out the individual differences.

In respect of Instructional procedures

  • Evaluation implies objective based instruction and continuous assessment of the progress of pupil.
  • This improves teaching and learning

In respect of school programmes

  • Evaluation is important in the overall appraisal of the total school programmes.

In respect of improvement of public relations

  • Pupil evaluation may also be used as a basis, through reports to parents, for the improvement of public relation and the mobilization of public opinion.