Saturday, May 23, 2009

General Rules Relating to the Conduct of Teachers

Any person employed as a teacher in a school shall not be eligible to continue as a teacher if he;

  • is remuneratively employed in any profession other than teaching or undertake any occasional remunerative extra work not specially permitted by the Rules, without the sanction of the Department.
  • has been convicted of any offence involving moral turpitude;
  • is physically unfit to serve efficiently as a teacher or is suffering from any contagious or communicable disease during the period he is so unfit or suffering;
  • behaves towards his pupils, their parents, the Headmaster, the Manager, or any Educational Officer or towards any body in any manner grossly unbecoming of a teacher.
  • refuses to obey orders communicated to him by the officers of the Department or violates any of the Rules under the Act and other Rules applicable to him;
  • refuses without sufficient grounds to undergo a course of training within a reasonable time after being required to do so;
  • has completed the age of retirement fixed by the Rules or orders of the government;

Note This does not affect the continuance till the end of the school year in cases where the date of superannuation falls within the course of the school year but not within one month from the date of reopening of the schools that year.

  • (viii) is directly or indirectly, solely or in conjunction with others, the editor or the proprietor of any newspaper, magazine or periodical other than a publication devoted to art, science, literature or the teaching profession without the written sanction of the Director.

(ix) Every teacher shall have to pass a test on computer literacy conducted by the Department within a period of 2 years of joining duty.