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School means and includes an institution imparting education from the level of Pre-primary to Higher secondary classes and imparting Preservice training for becoming Primary and Pre-primary teachers of all


'Educational officer' means the Deputy Director Education, Assistant Director or the Block Educational Officer or Panchayat /Municipality / Corporation Educational Officer having immediate inspectional and administrative control over the school within his respective jurisdiction. The term shall also include any Officer to whom the duty of inspection for specific purposes has been entrusted by competent authority.

'District' means the area of jurisdiction of a Deputy Director of Education.

'Block' means the area of jurisdiction of a Block Educational Officer;

'Teacher' includes the Headmaster or Principal

'Management' shall have the same meaning as 'Manager';

'Institution ' shall have the same meaning as 'school'

'Commissioner' means Commissioner of General Education.

Classification of Schools

1. General Classifications:- The schools in the State shall be classified as follows:-

(i) Schools for General Education.

(ii) Schools for special Education;

(iii) Schools for the Education of differently abled students; and

(iv) Other institutions connected with the educational system of the State.

2. School for General Education: (1) Schools for General Education shall be as follows:-

(1) Pre-Primary

(2) Primary

(3) Secondary

(4) Higher Secondary (including Vocational Higher Secondary.)

(i) Pre Primary Education means the activities, designed for early child development, prior to Primary education, in the age group of 4 to 6.

(ii) Primary Education The first seven standards namely Std I to Std VII shall be collectively known as Primary education and shall be sub-divided into two sections.

(a) Lower primary containing any or all of the standard I to IV.

(b) Upper primary containing any or all the Standards V to VII and with or without the Lower Primary section ( but does not include existing Lower Primary Schools where Std V. is retained by the special sanction of Government)

(iii) Secondary education: Schools having Standards VIII, IX, X are known as secondary schools, and schools having classes XI, and XII are known as Higher Secondary schools. The existing Vocational Higher Secondary

Schools shall be named as Higher Secondary Schools.

3. (i) The terms "Upper Primary School", "Lower Primary School" " Secondary School" and "Higher Secondary School "shall include Sanskrit, Arabic, Tamil and Kannada schools of the same grades.

(ii) The terms 'Higher Secondary School', 'Secondary School' and Training School' shall be taken to Include Upper Primary and Lower Primary Standards attached to them, if any, and the terms 'Upper Primary School' shall be taken to include Lower Primary Section. Lower section shall be deemed to be attached to a Higher Section if and when

it is under the same Headmaster / Principal of the Higher Section.

4. School for Special Education:-

Schools for Special education comprise the following:-

(i) Training Schools providing instruction and training for Teacher's

Training Certificate Examination.

(ii) Fisheries Schools.

(iii) Physical Training Schools.

(iv) Music Schools

(v) Fine Arts Schools.

(vi) School for Tribal children.

(vii) Training Schools for Pre Primary Teachers Certificate Examination.

5. The student strength in a school shall not exceed 2000(Two Thousand). Where the student strength exceeds 2000(Two Thousand), the school shall be bifurcated into independent

(a) Primary sections including pre-primary.

(b) Secondary sections including Higher Secondary.

6. Schools for differently abled children

Schools for differently abled children comprise the following:-

(viii)Schools for children with hearing impairment, speaking impairment, visual impairment or mental ailments.

(ix) Schools for handicapped where admission is restricted to children affected with polio, or other similar diseases.

7. Other Institutions:- Other institutions connected with the educational system of the State are;

(i) The Bharat Scouts and Guides,

(ii) The N.C.C national Cadet Corps) and the A.C.C. (Auxiliary Cadet Corps)

8. Any of the types of schools mentioned in Rule 4 may be considered by the Director, with the sanction of the Government as also conforming to any of the type mentioned in Rule 2 and any of the types of institutions mentioned in Rule 2 may be considered by the Director, with the sanction of the Government, as also conforming to any of the types of schools mentioned in Rules 4 and 6. All schools shall provide education to both boys and girls.

9. List of Schools:- A list of all the Government and the Private Schools in the State classified under the various heads according to the provisions in these Rules shall be published by the Department; but the inclusion of any school or the omission to include any school to the list shall not by that reason alone confer recognition to or

withdraw recognition from that school.